How to Stay Away From Junk Food?

Junk Food

We all love and enjoy eating junk food. From the fried French fries to the grease dripping burghers, we simply cannot seem to be able to stay away from it at all. Eating junk food on an occasional basis is a different thing but on a daily basis if that is going to be only thing you eat, then you would certainly have to set aside enough cash for solving complications caused from this. However, even though it is hard to stay away from it all, we should at least try to make an effort in reducing it to a lower level. Here are some tips to help you out;

The Five-Ingredient Rule

Junk Food

The five-ingredient rule is just as its name suggests. Check the label behind whatever you take and make sure you stick to something that has only five ingredients. Anything more should be avoided strictly. This covers all sorts of food like processed foods, preserved chips and flavored foods.  And this is much easier than collecting all the background information on all the preservatives and additives you should be staying away from.

The Three Colors

Junk Food

Stick to foods or meals with three colors. It is said that most persons enjoy eating three different types of foods with three different kinds of colors. And this is an easy way of straying away from things like caramel coated chocolate and candy bars. Instead choose food like nuts that have high nutritious fat in them, dark chocolate that is said to be perfect for lowering blood pressure and heart diseases and maybe even a range fruits. They are the perfect combination of color, nutrition and consistency.

A Change of Habit

Junk Food

All of us develop habits over time. Some good and some bad. Bad leads to trouble obviously and when it is associated with constant visit to the bakers for a doughnut after work, then it is even worse. If you also have such habits developing without your knowledge and understanding, then take a step back and analyze what you do. You will truly realize there has been a routine you have been following unknowingly and now is the time to break it. instead of taking the route closest to the bakers, take another or simply focus on something else while passing by. If that doesn’t work, then consider challenging yourself to survive without a doughnut for a month. After all they say that is take 21 days to form a habit and if you can work on breaking it during these days then you’d definitely be able to overcome it once and for all!

Push yourself to stay away from junk food, because it is only then would you be able to live a long and healthy life that is free from possible fatal diseases.

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