Why Should You Stay Healthy?

Staying healthy seems like a much bigger chore for those of the 21st century. This is because our lives are centered around work, work and more work. We are all running a rat race against an unbeatable competitor called time. And when are time is up, we look back and try to think whether the race was worth the effort, but it is too late for that! We are so focused on winning, that, we sometimes even lose those valuable gems we picked up during our journey, we also seem to ignore even our own selves.


And this is when the repercussions of our actions during the race comes hitting hard during the end or when our time is up. Take a step back and think about this for minute. Are you running a race you enjoy or simply pushing yourself too hard and should you be giving more time for yourself and why? Some of these answers below could help you figure things out a bit, so think about them really hard and consider the next step in your race;

A Life That Is Longer


All of us want to live longer and the only way to remain that way is by being healthy and fit. A strong man is a man that takes care of himself not one that simple runs to a gym to show off his abs to another. It isn’t about how many packs you have or how much of dieting you are doing. But it is about eating the right thing at the right time in the right proportion. Anything more cause trouble and anything less causes even more trouble. So if you want to live a longer life then staying healthy is important.

Live Not Exist


Drinking your head off and living life with a YOLO motive either isn’t going to benefit at all either. But truly living is much different than simply existing. When you live life you enjoy life and the only way to do so is by doing what makes you happy. You want to be a reality TV star? Then go ahead. You want to travel the world? Then do it. You want to chop off your hair and change your style? Then change. Don’t hold back because of others. Don’t be afraid because you will be judged. Those that truly care would support you no matter what and if they don’t then it doesn’t matter. It is your life and the choice has to be yours, always. And in order to live and not exist, you ought to be healthy and fit not only physically but mentally as well.

Straying Away From Disease

This is mainly in concern with one’s mental health and the diseases related to it. If you stay healthy mentally then you would be fit physically as well. The extent of damage any disease or problem affects you, depends on how mentally strong are you to cope with it. The stronger you are the lesser the impact.

Make the effort to stay healthy as possible, because it is only then could you experience the many beauties life has to offer.

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