How Can You Stay Happy?

Stay Happy

Being happy is hard and it is even hard to make sure that you actually do remain happy. This certainly doesn’t mean you have to keep smiling always even though you are having a hard time. But it means that, you smile when you are happy and cry when you can’t remain any stronger. Because crying isn’t a weakness at all. You let go when you have to and can’t hold on any longer. And speak out your mind and not bottle it up. Being happy is more than just a smile. It is the genuine reason behind that smile. And so, here is how you can stay happy;

Stay Happy


When you exercise, you tire your body, you let go of all that tension and stress that has been holding you back and you direct all that energy on working out. Taking your work out beyond the doors and four walls is an even better way that would benefit you more. And what better way, than running a couple mile experiencing the wind combing through your hair and cooling your burning cheeks. It is way better than running on a treadmill staring at the same sight. There has also been many scientific researches that claim that exercising does help one in maintaining a balanced mind and a happy attitude.


Changing Attitudes

You can’t be happy always but you can try to make yourself happy by focusing on the silver lining behind the dark cloud. It is about looking on the bright side and searching for a reason to smile. It is your attitude on things that governs the way you react to them and by changing the way you think you can change the way you react. For example, imagine working with a person that you hate a lot, just imagining and thinking about it in itself stresses you out doesn’t it? this is because you genuinely don’t want to be working with him or her simply because of your hatred and so coming to work is a stress, typing out papers is a stress and even drinking your favorite cup of coffee also becomes a stress, and all this is because of the existence of one person.


Instead of this, you could try changing your attitude and how you deal with things, if working with them is a hassle then report it to a senior or simply be better at what you do so that they feel the need to top it up and so it ends with a job well done! Even if it is because of competition. Deal with that person only when you have to and other times don’t focus on their existence instead focus on your assigned work or other friendly co-workers. This way going to work wouldn’t feel like a chore anymore!

Be happy and live life to the fullest. Don’t feel envious of others nor pride over the others. Instead be nice and be humble and you would be able to feel happy and grateful with not much effort at all!

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