Easy Tips to Boost Your Diet

Our ridiculously fast-paced lifestyles have undoubtedly created barriers to living the best life we can live. We are trying to fit in too many things into a mere 24 hours, and as a result skimping out on important things like eating right and sleeping well. What is worse, is that we seem to be lacking energy more than ever to keep up with our demanding schedules, effectively rendering us quite useless by the end of the day. Which is not exactly ideal, especially seeing as how we have to give equal if not more attention to our families as well. Hence, it goes without saying that our diets have a major role to play here. These are a few ways in which you can improve yours.

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Go Rainbow

The easiest way to remember you need to invest in a balanced diet? A rainbow plate of course. If each of your meals include a variety of colours, you have nothing to worry about. Different types of food have their own vitamins and minerals, all of which are needed by the human body for efficient and optimal functioning. Sadly, we are too distracted by fast food to focus on what is important. It is time for a change. Teach your kids these good habits as well, so they carry them forward for the rest of their lives.

Make Friends With Spices

Though yes spices are a popular culinary feature in the East, it does not mean the rest of the world should not use them. In fact, there is a reason as to why people on that side of the globe tend to be healthier than the West. Spices offer a whole lot more than just flavour. They have healthy properties, each serving a different purpose. Just look up ‘what is turmeric powder’ and you will find a list of uses and benefits that will definitely come in handy.

Reduce Sugar

The amount of sugar we consume on a regular basis is quite frankly astounding. And alarming to say the least. Even very young children are now hooked on the stuff, which is worse. Sugar is unbelievably addictive, though we may not always realise this. From carbonated drinks to all sorts of quick fixes, sugar is laden on almost everything. It is not easy to curb the habit, but you need to start somewhere. Try to go a week without desserts maybe, or visit a nutritionist to help you if you feel you may not know how best to start off.

Go Vegetarian Once a Week

Sounds easy enough does it not? However, for those who are not used to vegetarian meals, this can be understandably tricky. Our dependence on meat is as bad as our dependence on sugar and we need to do something to curb it. Give your digestive system a break and go vegetarian just one day of the week. Vegetables too can be whipped up in many different delicious ways; you just need to make the effort to look up recipes and actually make a resolution and stick to it.

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