On The Hunt for a New Dentist? Tips for You

If you are currently unsatisfied with your dentist and are on the lookout for a new one, then you need to put in as much effort into it as you would when purchasing a new car, phone or house for instance. There are generally many different things we look for, and this is no different when hunting for a new dentist. Unfortunately, not everyone knows exactly what the selection criteria should be, and sometimes they pick one out of blind panic. Fortunately however, the following should serve as a basic guide to helping you embark on the right track.


The likelihood of you buying a car that is notorious for problems is quite minimal is it not? Why should this be any different when it comes to not just a dentist, but any doctor for that matter? It is reputation that will guide you in the right direction, so do your research. Hop online and make maximum use of the Internet. After all, it is so incredibly convenient, not to mention widely informative making life much easier in the process. Go through forums, blogs, threads and more, and find out what the community has to say about the dentists within your region. There is not much point inn looking for one that is 2 hours away is there?

Enquire From Friends and Family

One of the simplest ways to deal with this, is to tackle your friends and family. Who are the dentists they visit? What is the clinic like? How long have they been visiting them for? What sort of services do they offer? If they are not sure of all the details, just get the name of the place and dentist, and call the clinic directly. You can then ask them any questions you may have, and you will also get answers straight from the clinic. Whether you are enquiring about a dentist in Essendon or anywhere else, this pretty much works well almost every time.


It is no secret that medical care of any kind is expensive in this day and age. However, nobody should be deprived of medical assistance when they need it, and this is where insurance covers come into play. Enquire about their insurance policies when you speak to the clinic about their other traits. Find out which services can be covered under insurance, and how claims work. Sometimes, some clinics work with certain insurance providers and offer subsidised covers to their patients, which you can also look into. Insurance is very important, especially as some procedures can amount to thousands of dollars.

Reference Them with the Relevant Board

There are certain authorities that are responsible for double-checking each dental clinic, ensuring they are licensed and qualified to practice. If any are found to be practising illegally, then they are well within rights to take action accordingly. This helps ensure that people are protected from false clinics that in turn administer dangerous medical processes, prescribing drugs that are not authorised. A proper, registered clinic should be listed with the local dental board, and you should be able to cross reference them as a result.

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