Great Dental Hygiene Tips for Your Kids

What with all the sugar and irresistible sweets, you kids might be at a risk of developing dangerous tooth cavities. Read on to find out some great tips on dental hygiene for your kids.

When Should You Start Proper Dental Care For Your Kids?

Any new parent might want to know when to start with the proper dental hygiene for their little kids. What age should you brush and floss your kid’s teeth? A great time to start flossing is as soon as the little one grows teeth that come in contact with each other. This usually happens when around the age of two to three years. Once they reach this age, particles of food tend to get caught in between the teeth and create a great place for bacteria to grow. Always consult your dentist to get a clear idea if you are a bit foggy about the details.

Take Your Baby to the Dentist

You might want to do this as soon as the little one starts to get teeth. There are rare cases when your baby might even get fever or get an infection if he gnaws at a dirty toy. You can always take your child to professional and certified dental hygienists the likes of Care Family Dental.

How to Brush Your Baby’s Teeth

Start the baby’s oral care as soon as teeth appear. Experts recommend to wipe the baby’s gum after a feeding with a soft wash cloth. You can also stick with a dentist-recommended cleanser. When your baby’s first tooth starts to show up you can start brushing the baby’s teeth for about two minutes, twice a day. Switch to a child-sized toothbrush with soft bristles that come with a cushioned head. Use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste to brush your little one’s teeth carefully not to damage the gums.

Try To Keep Them Away From Candy

This might seem the hardest task. Save treats including candies, cookies and even cakes and pies after mealtime only. This way you can get the little ones to brush off the remaining sugary particles stuck in between their teeth. Do not forget to add a glass of milk or two to your child’s food since diary acts as a barrier to the acids that are built in the mouth by the existing oral bacteria. This will also supply the little one with plenty of calcium too.

Try to get the kids to minimize the consumption of hard candies since they tend to get stuck in between the teeth. This is an easy ticket to develop cavities. Although flossing can help remove the hard candy stuck in between your teeth, you will have to brush out the candies stuck to the upper surface of the teeth.

Make the Kids Drink Enough Water At All Times

Motivate your kids to consume enough water at all times. This will work like magic in preventing tooth decay. However, check the amount of fluoride in the water if you are purchasing bottled water since they can help reduce the appearance of cavities in your baby’s teeth.

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