Key Things That Make For a Great Event

Whether one works in event management or plans the occasional personal function like birthday parties or a graduation celebrations, it is clear that there should be a few key traits in how you manage the event so the end result is as seamless as possible. Of course one has to account for unavoidable last minute situations, but the talent of organizing an event lies in the organizer’s ability to make things happen without always having the right tools and support. That said, it always helps to have everything under control as much as possible, from start to finish. Here are some key points to follow.

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Though it might be difficult to figure out what the ambience would be like once the guests are there, you can definitely imagine it. A good event planner is one who knows how to put together the event in relation to its purpose. Events that are out of balance can be a bore, and it is obvious why. Guests are confused, disoriented and are not sure of what they are really doing there. A solid event answers that question on its own. Ambience is everything.


Ah, food, the life of the party. Nor seriously, it is the life of the party. Where there is food there are people and good times, so naturally you want it to be a main point of attraction. Setting up tasting sessions with shortlisted caterers will help you make an informed decision on whom you want to hire for such an important job. Getting the food wrong can be disastrous, and your event will be known as ‘that event that served the horrible food’, which is definitely not a moniker you want. Look up caterers in your area, like catering townsville for instance.

The Logistics

This stuff is less glamorous than dealing with, say, table decor and overall decor, but you will find that it is essential for the smooth functioning of your event. For example, how will parking work? How much parking space is there for all your guests? Will they have to park out of the venue? If so, what security do they have for their vehicles? What about bathrooms in a place that does not have them, say a music festival or concert? What about signs directing your guests where to go? All of these are critical, and just as important as color-scheming, perhaps even more.

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A Solid Team

Unless you somehow manage to do everything single-handedly including setting up and sourcing all you need (which is not possible in case you were wondering), you are going to need to set up a team to back you up. Not just any team either, but a solid team; one that supports and trusts one another to do their part responsibly. Teamwork in this type of thing is crucial, and one weak link can destroy the whole chain. So be certain that those you hire are dedicated if not experienced, because you can always teach those eager to learn, but you cannot force motivation.

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