Separating Fact from Fiction about Fixing Droopy Boobs


Many women feel self-conscious about drooping or saggy boobs. Predominant beauty conventions praise perfectly perky breasts while condemning natural boobs with sag. In reality, all natural breasts sag to some extent. However, sag can worsen into a serious droop that can result in physical problems as well as self-esteem issues.

There are several reasons why droopy boobs exist. The main contributing factor is genetics that determine how thin skin is. Saggy boobs can occur when skin is thinner than usual or may exist in excess. Factors that contribute to collages loss, such as UV rays and tobacco smoking, can result in droopy boobs. Another reason is rapid weight loss, which causes breast tissue to lose fat quicker than the skin can adopt.

Despite the facts, misconceptions about droopy boobs are prevalent. Some women in desperation believe in fantastic cures or magical bras that will uplift the boobs and get rid of the sag forever. Some women may also overlook the very real facts that can alleviate the condition. Here is a list of real facts and misconceptions surrounding droopy breasts:

Exercise Can Reverse Breast Sag

When you do chest exercises like push-ups, you are exercising your pectoral muscles for the large part. The breasts are not made up of chest muscles. Breasts have their own tissue and glands, which are made up of fat. It’s skin and stored fat that gives breasts their shape. So exercising pectoral muscles will not eliminate the sag, unfortunately. But this doesn’t mean you should give up on the exercise. Push-ups will make your body stronger and firmer in other ways.

Dieting is Good for Boobs

If you think heaviness is what’s contributing to the droopy shape, you may be motivated to diet and lose weight. In reality, though, the opposite effect takes place. As mentioned above, breasts are made up of fat tissue. When the body loses this fat, the breasts lose shape and tend to sag. The skin around the boobs may also become loose, forming a wrinkly pouch that doesn’t naturally reverse.

Breast Implants will Fix It

If you want your breasts uplifted, you need to undergo a breast augmentation surgery. This procedure makes structural changes to your chest to lift the boobs up. It may also remove fatty issues to reshape the breasts to look more natural. Implants are not always necessary if the shape can be achieved through surgical intervention.

Wearing a Bra to Bed Prevents Sagging

You may have heard this from grandma. Unfortunately, this is a major misconception about droopy breasts. Wearing a bra, whether sleeping or awake, doesn’t permanently alter the shape of the breasts. It may help shape the breasts for an occasion. But once the bra is off, your boobs would look the same as before. Wearing a bra is somewhat overrated for droopy breasts. In fact, a bra’s wires may lessen the ability your chest area naturally has to keep the boobs lifted.

What you should never think is that there’s nothing that can be done about droopy breasts. There are plenty of other things you can try, both surgical and non-surgical.  In the meantime, exercise and eat healthy.

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