Top 3 Weight Loss Tips


No one said that losing weight is going to be easy, but it surely is going to be worth it! Being overweight can have several negative consequences such as heart diseases and also affect your mental health as you can experience a number of issues with regard to your self-esteem as a result of your weight. Therefore, it is time to ditch those unhealthy habits and give up your constant trips to the cupcake store in exchange for a healthier lifestyle and improved self-confidence. Here are a few tips to kick start your weight loss journey and help you out.

Stop Over Expecting

One of the most common problems that people tend to experience when attempting to lose weight is sticking to their diets. This often occurs as a result of being de-motivated. Make sure you don’t constantly weigh yourself every single day as some days your weight might be a little more than usual. This could de-motivate you and cause you to give up on your diet. Make sure you don’t expect immediate results as you aren’t going to get your dream body overnight. If the pounds took a few months to pile on, then they will surely take a few months to disappear too. So, be patient and stop expecting results immediately.

Swap Your Drinks

It is a known fact that one of the most important steps to losing weight is staying hydrated and chugging on the water all day long. So make sure you follow this step religiously. Drinking water will not only help you flush out the toxins and lose weight, it will also improve your skin condition. However, you must ensure that you stay away from carbonated drinks that are loaded with sugar. Swap the fizzy drinks for detox water and start your day with a glass of warm water, lemon and honey. Apart from this, switch your daily caffeine intake from coffee to green tea as this is loaded with antioxidants and helps boost your metabolism to lose weight faster.

Exercise Is Mandatory

Focusing solely on your food intake is not sufficient when it comes to losing weight. It is extremely important to move around and stay fit in order to see results faster. You can get yourself a gym membership or use services such as get going PT to find trainers and get customized workouts based on your schedule and requirements. Apart from this, you could also get a friend to tag along with you while you play your favourite sport or you could even join a local sports club that will allow you to participate in tournaments and stay in touch with sports so that you get every possible form of workout possible.

The path to losing weight is not an easy one. There may be days when you feel like you can’t do it anymore and there may be days when you feel super motivated. It’s all about the balance and it’s important that you constantly remind yourself why you’re doing this, so that you don’t get de-motivated.

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