A Guide To Avoiding Neck Cramps


Neck cramps are something we have all experienced. It is surely very uncomfortable and painful which makes us want to do anything to get rid of it. As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure’, the best thing to do is to take necessary precautions to avoid such neck cramps. However, for most people, neck cramps are very unexpected, whereas for others, this may be rather a chronic condition that might require treatment. Whichever it is, there are many lifestyle changes you can make in order to avoid such neck pains in the future. The below guide will give you an understanding of the best precautions you can use.

Your Monitor Should Be At Eye Level

At present, with the increasing use of technology, many people stare at computers throughout the day. Not only people who go to work, but even school children often use computers and laptops to do their homework and assignments. Therefore, the likelihood of people suffering from such neck cramps are higher compared to the past where computers were not used widely. However, the best way to use a computer is to make sure the monitor is at eye level. If the computer screen is too low or too high, this can both give you neck cramps and neck pain.

Neck Cramps From Texting

Similar to the use of computers, the use of phones for texting has also found out to cause neck strains and neck cramps. Especially in teenagers, neck cramps are often related to the use of phones for a long time. While texting, make sure that your phone is at eye level. Avoid bending your neck downwards and texting for a long time as your muscles can get easily strained. It is better to lie down on your bed and use your phone at eye level than sitting on a chair and staring down at your phone.

Change Your Pillow

If you are experiencing a neck cramp for a long time, chances are that it is time to change your pillow. Most people discover that their neck pain begins to disappear when they use a pillow that supports their neck really well. You can find such pillows on sale nowadays and you can do some trial and error and find out which supports your neck the best. You might also want to change your sleeping position and see if that makes any difference.

Engage In Exercises Daily

Exercising is very important in order to avoid neck cramps. Exercising helps strengthen the muscles in your neck and make them more flexible. It can also reduce stiffness of muscles in the neck. Therefore, make this a habit and carry out such exercising every morning as a part of your routine. You may also consult a physiotherapist to get an understanding of the best neck exercises.

Thus, by being aware of the correct precautions to follow, you will never have to experience neck pain and discomfort every again.


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