Things to Keep In Mind When Preparing For an X-Ray Test


An x-ray is a type of imaging device that makes use of radiation but only in a very little amount to be able to come up with images of the person’s bones, organs and tissues. An x-ray that is done on the chest will help one to see any spots and abnormalities that may signal an illness. A chest x-ray will also help doctors see if the fluid is present in or around the lungs.

Importance of X-Ray

An X-ray machine is also used to be able to see injuries that were caused by an accident or a worsening of the disease. People complaining about chest pain may also be asked to undergo an x-ray exam. Chest pain that is accompanied by a persistent cough, fever and shortness of breath should also warrant an x-ray examination. These symptoms could indicate broken ribs, pneumonia, heart failure, lung cancer, emphysema or pneumothorax. An x-ray exam is also needed as a way of monitoring the patient’s progress after going through a chest operation. It is through an x-ray machine that doctors will be able to check if the implanted material somewhere in the chest remains intact and in the right place.

How to Prepare For an X-Ray Exam

Luckily, undergoing an x-ray test does not have to entail a lot of preparations from the patient’s end. However, the following points must be kept in mind before or during the x-ray exam:

Proper Clothing

Depending on which body part will be x-rayed, you may need to wear a gown. If your doctor’s appointment says that you need to undergo x-ray exam might as well avoid wearing clothes that are too difficult to remove. Otherwise, the entire process would take longer than necessary.

Don’t Wear Jewellery

Jewelry must not be worn while taking the x-ray exam. If you choose to wear them as you go to the doctor’s clinic, be prepared to remove them immediately once the x-ray technician tells you so.

Ask About Food Intake

Depending on the body part that will undergo x-ray test, there are cases when your doctor will ask you to avoid ingesting any food several hours prior to your x-ray exam. It is best to ask your doctor about this so you can better prepare yourself on the day of your x-ray appointment. Any X ray Sunshine Coast clinics will provide you with this information once you’re set for an x-ray appointment.

Do a Follow-Up

In most cases, X-ray technicians and your doctor will not discuss the results of the x-ray right there and then. You may be asked to come back the following day once the result of the x-ray is ready. This is because radiologists would still need to study the results of your x-ray, along with your medical and health records.

Your Medical History

Before submitting for an x-ray test, make sure you also inform your doctor of any medical history or previous health issues that you had. If you are pregnant, you should also tell this to your doctor especially since the ionizing radiation from the x-ray device can be harmful to your unborn child.

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