Things You Should Prepare For As New Parents


If you are a “to be” parent then here are a few things you need to know:

You Will Get Used To It

If this is your first child then this whole journey will be new to you and initially you might not like it but eventually you will get used to it. To begin with, your wife might throw a lot of mood swings at you this is because of the hormonal imbalance. As a husband, you will have to be very patient and deal with it with a smile. Apart from this you will have to satisfy all her cravings this can get a little annoying but you cannot neglect it. It is important to show a lot of love for the mother so you will have to be supportive throughout this journey. You will also have to go to the doctor for regular scans, make sure you never miss the appointments and always accompany your wife.

Invest In Important Things

It is advisable to do the shopping beforehand as after the birth you might not have the time to do so. If the gender of your baby is revealed then you could buy clothes according to a theme, for instance, you could get pink items if it’s a girl and blue for a boy. Apart from this, you will have to buy the cots and other essentials that will be needed for the nursery. You should invest in a baby monitor as well this will help you to keep an eye on the baby when you are out or in another room. Breastfeeding can be really challenging especially during the initial stage so you could invest in feeding tops.  Another great investment is a good yoga class to be mothers. However, make sure you check on your doctor before joining such a class.  You should also eat a healthy diet, one which is full of nutrients as this will help the baby to grow. Avoid binging on unhealthy food because extreme weight gain can cause issues in the pregnancy.

Get Help after Birth

You might need help right after you give birth that is to take care of the baby, this is especially if the mother has gone through a caesarian section and is asked to be on bed rest. So you could ask one of your family friends to help you or you could hire a professional nurse to help you look after the baby.

Share the Responsibilities

Most of the time it is women who look after the baby and wake up at odd hours to comfort the crying baby. This is wrong, both the parents should share all the responsibilities and husband might have to do even more work than the mother. This is because after pregnancy women have a chance of getting into postpartum depression and to avoid this you shouldn’t give too much stress to the mother. Both you and your partner could take turns to put the baby to sleep, change diapers and playing with him/her.

Lastly, you could also go for parent counselling to understand more about child psychology and understand your child better.

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