Weightlifting Accessories for Safer Workouts

Just any other fitness regimen, weightlifting also requires an appropriate set of workout clothes and accessories. Aside from giving you comfort during workout sessions, they also help keep you safe and lessen the risk of injuries. For newbie weightlifters, here are the essential accessories you must wear for a comfortable and safe workout session.

Weight Training Shoes

Lifting weights with sandals or flip flops on is a big no-no. Aside from being uncomfortable, it also puts you into a higher risk of foot injury. Weightlifting shoes are designed differently from other workout shoes. They are sturdy and thickly-cushioned to help protect your feet in case something falls on it. They are also uniquely designed to provide adequate joint support and balance as you lift heavy weights.


This is always essential for every gym goer. You can use this to wipe off the sweat on equipment before using it. You can also dry yourself with it when you’re sweating profusely after a session. Make sure to bring a couple of it just in case you need more and always use a fresh one when using it on your body.

Weight Lifting Belt

Weight lifting belts are used to provide protection on the lower back part of your body. It also provides support when you’re lifting weights that are heavy for you. Aside from that, it also offers stability to your body when lifting.

Workout Gloves or Pads

Weightlifting gloves and pads are worn on the hands of the user and provide a better grip on the metal bar. Aside from stronger grip, it also helps protect your hands from blisters, scrapes and other skin injuries associated with weightlifting. It also wicks moisture away from the hands for more comfort.

Wrist and Knee Wraps

Wrist wraps are just like sleeves worn on the weightlifter’s wrist to protect the muscles and joints in that area. Knee wraps are worn on the knees to protect the knee area, specifically the kneecap, from the strain of lifting heavy weights. It also increases blood circulation in the knee area to reduce pain and swelling after a session. Make sure to choose reliable knee sleeves and wrist wraps for better protection.

Weightlifting Apparel

There are plenty of workout clothes to choose from. When picking weightlifting clothes, choose one that can handle moisture properly like sweat-wicking clothing. They don’t hold in moisture so you sweat dries quickly as you workout. Clothes that are made from cotton or other unnatural fabric is also discouraged.

Water Bottle

You sweat a lot when working out. Make sure you don’t get dehydrated by replacing those lost fluids. Although most gyms have drinking fountains installed, having a water bottle nearby makes you drink more.

Training Log

Most people get motivated when if they keep track of their progress every gym visit. Have one if you’re that type of person.

Workout clothing and accessories don’t need to be expensive. As long as you’re comfortable wearing and using it every time you visit the gym, then it’s perfect.

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