A Guide to Reducing Falls among the Elderly

One of the biggest concerns for the elderly is their risk of falling. It isn’t just the fall that you need to be concerned with but the period afterwards as well. See, seniors have frailer bones and have a greater likelihood of ending up with a broken bone or a fracture. Not to mention, they can’t heal as easily or as quickly as younger individuals and will take a longer time to get back on their feet. As you can reducing falls among the elderly can be incredibly important. This is why you should follow the guidelines below carefully:

Get Them the Right Walking Support

If you find that your loved one isn’t as stable on their feet as they once were, then you are going to need to provide them with the proper accessories. These include canes, walkers, and other walking aids. Now, the exact item that will be used will depend on the person’s capabilities. For instance, if they only need a moderate amount of assistance, a cane will work just fine. If they find it quite difficult to get around, they may need something sturdier, like a walker. When in doubt, ask a doctor what the best options may be.

Consider Physiotherapy

Most people don’t realise that in home physiotherapy can actually prevent falls. See, this form of treatment can help to delay the onset of pain and even certain physical conditions. These professionals can also work with the elderly to build up their strength and flexibility. This ensures that seniors are able to walk better and with greater confidence. In turn, this greatly reduces the risk of falls. So, if you want to do all that you can to keep the person in your life safe and healthy, you really should consider this option.

Outfit Their Home Properly

If you find that your family member is becoming frailer, then you should focus on improving the layout of their home. One thing you can do is to move all of their belongings to the first floor of their house. This way, there will be no need for them to climb the stairs. Another tactic to try is to add railings and bars where necessary. Not only do these add support while walking, but they can also be rather useful in other areas as well. For example, installing grab bars at just the right height can make it easier for someone to sit down and stand up without falling.

Help Them to Be More Aware

It is a good idea to try and help the senior in your life to be more aware, particularly while walking. Get them into the habit of noticing obstacles while they are walking. Also, if they are walking with pets, have them see where the leash is at all times. They should also take care while walking on the pavement. Make sure that they always look out for uneven spots or holes when moving.

These are just some of the things that you can do to prevent falls among the elderly. Each step that you take can greatly reduce the chance of them hurting themselves.

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