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There are so many hair treatments out there. But what will be the best treatment for you? The answer to this question depends on your hair type. Here are some of the best treatments that suits each type of hair. Read to find out what will be the best for you.

Naturally Straight Hair

Due to the difficulty in taming straight hair, most women are used to using heat to add volume and tame the hair. However, this can cause heat damage which causes split hair. Most of the times split ends has to has to be treated by cutting off the split ends. But apart from that, you can also use keratin treatments. Keratin treatments add protein treatments to your hair which it loses when heat is applied. You can get keratin treatments done at your salon or buy keratin hair products such as keratin shampoo or conditioner for regular use.

Relaxed Hair

Chemically relaxing hair causes the cuticles on hair shaft to open. Cuticles on hair are what causes the lustre of hair and therefore relaxing may sometimes cause your hair to lose its natural shine. The best way to overcome this is to use oil treatments. Coconut oil is considered is one of the mostly used oils for hair treatments. It is also considered as a natural conditioner. Using coconut oil once in every two weeks will be enough as the effects of the oil tend to last for a long time. Another type of oil you can use is almond oil. The Vitamin E in almond oil can protect your hair from sun and other harmful elements.

Wavy Hair

While wavy hair is now becoming famous among women, there are moments where it still gets fizzy and unkempt. Using a conditioner on your hair can make your hair less fizzy. You can also try using a hydrating mask once a week. If none of the above remedies work simply look for a hairdresser Toorak and consult them for the best kind of treatment for fizzy hair. They will recommend to you some nourishing treatments that can take your hair and add texture. Also, take care of your hair when you are drying it. Let it dry for a while before starting blow dry it.

Curly Hair

While many girls succeed in arranging their curly hair into perfect ringlets, curly hair too is another type that gets fizzy and untamed. Whole it is difficult to get rid of the curly fizz completely there are some remedies you can try to tame it. You can try using a diffuse to dry your hair. It can dry your hair without damaging the curls. But always make sure to have it on the right heat setting or else it would end up damaging your hair further. Another option to try out is protein treatments. Protein treatments can help you to maintain the natural curl of your hair.

Now that you know the type of treatment that suits you the best, you can start treating your hair accordingly. If you are going to salon regularly, talk with your hairdresser and get their advice on hair treatments as well as they are experienced on treating different kinds of hair.

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