Treatment Tips for Age-Related Muscle Pain


Muscle aches are common among people of all ages. But as we grow old there are certain chronic pains that we might experience as a result of ageing, or maintaining a certain posture for a long period of time. Here are some of the most common age related issues and the best kind of remedies to get rid of them.

Back Pain

Back pain is a result of sitting for longer periods of time. The sitting position puts pressure on the discs in the lower part of your back. Sometimes back pain is also a result of arthritis. To help with the pain cardio exercises is one of the things you can practice as it helps you to build core muscles and support your back. Heating pads and physical therapy is another type of treatment you can try out. There are also over the counter medicine you can use but do not start using these medicine continuously without consulting a doctor.


This is a common condition seen among elderly people as a result of the cartilage between one’s joints breaking down. Osteoarthritis causes pain in joints such as hands or knees. It can occur due to age as well as constant pressure on joints as a result of doing sports for a long time. Exercising is one of the main treatments for OA as it helps to regulate your blood circulation and relieve joint pain. You can also look for a physio who can treat your knee, hands or shoulder pain gold coast and consult them.

Carpel Tunnel

This is a condition that causes pain, numbness or tingling in your wrist or fingers. It is caused when a nerve that runs from your arm to palm is pressed. Moat often this is cause of repetitive motions of the hands such as constant typing. However, it can also happen due to a family history of having carpel tunnel syndrome, arthritis or hormonal changes due to menopause. Consult a doctor and depending on the severity of the condition they will direct you to do exercise, over-the-counter pain killers or if necessary surgery.

Muscle Pain

Soreness after certain normal day-to-day activities such as cleaning the house or gardening is a result of your muscle fibres becoming less dense with age. When lifting or pushing heavy items try to get help from others or it might put too much pressure on your muscles. Yoga, Pilates or stretching are some exercises you can try to help you with muscle pain. Another treatment method you can try is the RICE; resting the affected area, putting Ice on the area, Compressing the injured are and keeping the affected area Elevated.

A lot of medical conditions that can occur as you age can be avoided by practicing good health habits from early ages on. Regular exercising and right postures when you are working are good practices that can help you to build stronger muscles and avoid putting too much pressure on your muscles. Most of these conditions can easily be treated with the right kind of medication or therapy too.

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