Braces vs Invisalign: Which One is Better?


Do you want to get braces? Great! But what about Invisalign? Do you know what that is? It’s amazing and in my opinion, is one of the greatest innovations in the world of dentistry. At the end of the day, braces and Invisalign both work to fix crooked, misaligned teeth and faulty bites.

 I’m happy you’re looking into fixing your smile, and no matter which one of the two you’ll pick, you’re sure to be happy with the results. However, what will you pick? I might be biased, but I had Invisalign. I preferred it very much over conventional braces and I believe it is the superior of the two. How so? You may be wondering. That’s a wonderful question. This article will dive into that, and hopefully, you’ll have your answer and have decided between the two. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Ok, So Why Braces?

Braces have been at it longest in the game and have decades of history compared to its competitor, Invisalign. That alone should be a testament to its worth as it has lasted the test of time, and gracefully, hasn’t had many changes to its form or procedure.

Braces work with the use of metal brackets that are glued onto the teeth using special dental cement. A metal wire is passed through the brackets and is annually tightened, causing your teeth to realign themselves due to the force exerted.

Braces are a huge process. I never had braces, but I know of many people who complained about how painful it was during the first week. So much so that they wished they never had gotten it. Thankfully for them, our bodies are amazing, their mouths soon adapted to having the braces in their mouth.

But that’s not the only pain. Your braces constantly need to be tightened. It’s just how it is, and the tightening process? It usually leaves patients with a sore mouth that lasts a day or two.

However, braces can fix almost anything. Invisalign is not known to be used for more complex dental issues but rather to fix only aesthetic problems in teeth arrangement.

So, What about Invisalign?

Invisalign, like its name suggests, is invisible. I loved this about it because no one noticed I had anything in my mouth until I told them I had Invisalign on. This is a major advantage compared to braces and is the sole reason why I decided to Google dentist cheltenham.

You can always remove the Invisalign from your mouth which is a great comfort that braces simply do not offer. I felt bad for my friends with braces getting food stuck in-between their brackets. It sucked for them, but not for me!

Continuously, as Invisalign is used to fix the minor of dental issues, it doesn’t take that long to see results. However, it is more expensive when compared to braces which can be an issue to some patients.

Is the verdict in? What do you pick?

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