3 Extra Measures That Can Aid in the Treatment of Cancer


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be a very troubling experience, especially when you’re initially confronting your options in terms of treatment. Of course, it’s wise to heed the advice of your doctors and even seek second opinions to put your mind at ease about the accuracy of the diagnosis and the recommended course of action. However, beyond the physician-prescribed treatment that is administered at a hospital or clinic, there are additional or alternative methods of care that can increase your chances of overcoming your battle with the disease. More specifically, here are 3 extra measures that can aid in the treatment of cancer:

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1. Personalised Treatment

Applying a one-size-fits-all solution to any kind of treatment is never going to be an optimal approach because every patient has different needs and preferences. Some facilities have begun offering personalised cancer care plans that provide access to experienced doctors along with a balanced and holistic approach to healing. These services are often more effective and enjoyable than the typical treatment regimen carried out at a regional hospital or clinic, which is generally very straightforward and inhospitable in comparison.

2. Get a Service Dog

It might seem like mushy hogwash for a patient who is understandably in a pessimistic or cynical state of mind following a cancer diagnosis, but studies have actually provided scientific evidence that owning a dog can in fact increase comfort and wellbeing while also boosting survival and recovery rates. It’s a simple but revealing finding: on average, cancer and heart attack patients who own dogs wind up living longer than those who do not own one. Researchers theorise that this correlation is probably related to the stress-reducing effects that animals can have. Apparently, a bit of creature comfort and companionship can go a long way in keeping your stress hormone (cortisol) levels low, which increases your chances of beating cancer.

3. Guided Meditation & Yoga

Meditation and yoga are hobbies that many cancer patients have never even tried, but the medical benefits of engaging in these two activities have been proven repeatedly. Meditation helps to calm your mind and facilitate stress reduction, while yoga improves your circulation and mobility. This helps you avoid a dangerously sedentary lifestyle while also promoting efficient delivery of nutrients throughout the body. Yoga also involves deep breathing exercises that can boost your oxygen levels and help you combat and repair the oxidative damage caused by cancer.

Don’t Forget Nutrition

With medical technology and pharmaceutical drugs being so advanced these days, it’s easy to feel like there’s a magic pill or process for everything. However, even with the most advanced treatment techniques being employed, it’s still best to consume an optimal diet that is rich in the vitamins and minerals your body needs to heal and recover. By implementing the three measures listed above and heeding any nutritional advice given by your doctor to the tee, you can greatly increase your odds of recovery and survival regardless of the variety of cancer you’re facing.

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