Four Reasons to Get Health Insurance in Your Twenties


Health insurance is a necessity for anybody who wants that additional peace of mind that comes with knowing you will have access to the best possible healthcare in the event of an illness, accident or other medical emergency – without having to worry about the price. A medical emergency can happen to anybody, and it can be a very emotionally and financially taxing time, particularly if you need long-term treatment as a result. That’s why financial advisors recommend taking out a health insurance plan as early as possible in life. Even if you’re generally fit and healthy, getting some ‘just in case’ cover will give you the additional peace of mind that you need in your day to day life. We’ve put together some of the main reasons to get health insurance before you turn 30.

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#1. Get a Better Price:

Generally, the fitter and healthier you are, the lower the premiums for your life insurance plan are going to be. Youth tends to translate to health and wellness – particularly through the eyes of an insurance company, so if you’re not suffering with any health conditions at the moment and have a generally healthy, active lifestyle, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the best prices. Bear in mind that your premiums are likely to increase as you get older, so the younger you are when you get insured, the better.

#2. Employer Cover Isn’t Always Enough:

Maybe you are lucky enough to have some health insurance cover from your employer, but bear in mind that it may still be a wise idea to get some extra cover of your own. The recent increases in healthcare costs mean that employer cover alone is not always sufficient in the event of illness or another medical emergency. A good way to determine whether or not the cover supplied by your employer is sufficient is to compare the cost of a week’s stay in hospital with the amount that the insurance would pay out. If it’s not enough, then getting your own cover is a wise idea.

#3. Lifestyle Related Illnesses Have Increased:

Even if you’re doing your best to lead a healthy lifestyle, the sad truth is that lifestyle related illnesses have increased – and sometimes, there may be little that you can actually do about it. If you work in an office, you may not realise that the sedentary lifestyle this causes can lead to a wide range of medical conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and lung conditions, many of which are occurring in younger people. In addition to ensuring that you are covered financially for any of these possibilities, many health insurance companies cover the cost of regular check-ups, which can help you stay on top of your health and improve your lifestyle.

#4. Make Sure You Can Use all the Benefits:

When you take out health insurance, there are usually several waiting periods in place that you must serve before you can be eligible for certain surgeries, treatments, coverage for pre-existing illnesses and more. When you get health insurance early, you’re boosting your chance of being eligible for these benefits when you need them.

The earlier you get health insurance, the better!

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